Mission Statement

To Excelerate the lives and abilities of our athletes, families, and community.  A youth organization which enables the partnership of parents, coaches, and families to manage and support an athletics program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves.

Such a program:

- encourages, assists, and promotes youth achievement through education as well as higher education.

-employs healthy and tenacious competitiveness to promote the involvement of ambitions and moral values among athletes, parents, and coaches.

- assists leadership in nourishing the emotional, spiritual, social, and physical needs of young people.

- encourages young people to appreciate the gifts that they possess, and challenges them to share these gifts with others.  Encourages youth to become responsible members of their faith community.

- allows youth to witness the life of Christian discipleship in their coaches and adult leaders.




2016-2017 ACT Prep Courses/TEST Dates

The standardized test prep courses are offered through Lee’s Summit North and are designed to assist students with both subject-specific and PSAT/ACT-specific skills.   Each course leads up to a national test date for either the PSAT or ACT.  The course is taught by Mr. Kyle Anderson. The cost for R-7 students is $35 and the cost for out-of-district students is $90.  Other R-7 students and out-of-district students must register for the course and pay the course fee and will be notified one week before the course begins if seating is available.  If not, you can move your registration to another course, or receive a refund.  Scholarships are available for LSN students who qualify.  Students may register for the prep course at the LSN guidance office with Mrs. Meuschke.  Students need to register online for the ACT separately from signing up for the prep class. Registration packets are available in guidance, but we suggest you register online at www.act.org  The school code for LSN is 261-901.  The PSAT prep course is only open to juniors who are registered to take the PSAT.  Students can register for the PSAT in guidance.  Because space in each prep course is limited, sign up as early as possible to guarantee your spot.


ACT Prep Course                       

Tues 1/31     5p - 9p               

Thurs 2/2      5p - 7:30p                

Tues 2/7        5p - 7:30p

Thurs 2/9      5p - 9p                

ACT TEST:    Sat 2/11                   


ACT Prep Course

Wed 3/28     2:45p - 7p

Thurs 3/30   2:45p - 5p

Mon 4/3         2:45p - 5p

Wed 4/6       2:45p - 7p

ACT TEST:    Sat 4/8



* Calculator

* Pencils

* Highlighters

* Snacks/Water Bottle

* A Watch

* Charged Chromebook




If you have any questions about the CONTENT of the prep course, please contact Stacy Collins via email at stacy.collins@lsr7.net or Lara Cole at lara.cole@lsr7.net  If you have questions about REGISTERING for the prep course, or for the ACT, please contact Valerie Meuschke at valerie.meuschke@lsr7.net  All classes meet in either Elliott Hall or 1101 so pay close attention to the posted signs the night of the class in case something changes. All students need to enter the building through the northern Douglas doors, and bring 2 pencils, a calculator, and all materials that are provided throughout the course. Each course meets for 3 sessions.





Test Date

Registration Deadline

(Late Fee Required)

FEBRUARY 11, 2017

JANUARY 13, 2017       

JANUARY 14-20, 2017

APRIL 8, 2017

MARCH 3, 2017

MARCH 4-17, 2017

JUNE 10, 2017

MAY 5, 2017

MAY 6-19, 2017










2016-2017 ACT Testing Dates

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