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Est. 2008


The Excelerate Phenom Track & Field Organization was organized from passion, ambition, competitiveness, inspiration, & love.  The very characteristics that our organization stands for & instills in our student athletes& families to utilize in their lives.  A persistent will to succeed in not only Track & Field but in all aspects of life.

Excelerate is a member of the

Amatuer Athletic Union (AAU) &

United States of America Track & Field (USATF), Missouri Valley Associations.​

We are based in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.​


You are eligible to become a Phenom if you are Between the Ages of 8 - 18 

& "they" think you are ATHLETIC & FAST!!!​

Click on


to find out more about becoming a PHENOM.


To Excelerate the lives and abilities of our athletes, families, and community.  A youth organization which enables the partnership of parents, coaches, and families to manage and support an athletics program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves.​


Such a program:​

- encourages, assists, and promotes youth achievement through education as well as higher education.​


-employs healthy and tenacious competitiveness to promote the involvement of ambitions and moral values among athletes, parents, and coaches.​


- assists leadership in nourishing the emotional, spiritual, social, and physical needs of young people.​


- encourages young people to appreciate the gifts that they possess, and challenges them to share these gifts with others.  Encourages youth to become responsible members of their faith community.​


- allows youth to witness the life of Christian discipleship in their coaches and adult leaders.

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